Friday, March 21, 2008

AC Bailey Scrap Scouts Challenge information

Ok, here is the official information. And, the top prize for the challenge has been upped to $100 in product. That's amazing, especially for a smaller company like ours. Tons of new people have been flooding the site, and it's been so fun to feel the excitement of the new crows. Anyway, here's the info:

Description: Please join us for 8 weeks of challenges and classes designed to celebrate friendship, learning and inspiration. Each week a DT member will present a class and challenge for you to complete. Once you complete the challenge you will be awarded a badge. There will also be additional badges that can be earned throughout the contest. And the top 3 badge holders will win a prize. (1st Place $100 in Product, 2nd Place $30 in Product + 10% off Coupon and 3rd Place $20 in Product + 10% off Coupon). So if you want to join our Scrap Scouts Challenge, please hop on over to our forum and sign up by April 3rd. The First challenge starts April 4th. P.S. Community Participation is important to us, and there might just be a few badges awarded with that in mind, so come chat with us as soon as you can!

Dates: April 4 - May 30th

Each DT member (Scrap Leader) will host a class followed by a challenge. To earn that badge, participants must complete the challenge. Each class will run one week. Each Leader will award a RAK for their challenge. At the end of each challenge the DT Coordinators will add the badge blinkie to the participants profile. There will also be an independent tracking system (spreadsheet) to monitor the contest and participants.

In addition there will be extra credit badges and bonus badges (awarded by the DT) that can be earned. Each participant can only be awarded one badge of each kind.

*Everyone must sign up prior to the start of the contest. *subject to change if we have low participation
*All projects must be newly created.
*Can not combine challenges.
*There will be three prizes awarded in addition to a RAK for each class. Grand Prize $100, 2nd Place $30 +10% discount and 3rd Place $20 +10% discount. All prizes will be paid in Product, which hopefully be provided by sponsors.
*The three people with the most badges will win.
*If there is a tie, we will have a scrap off to determine the winner.

Doesn't that sound like fun? Now go and sign up at:

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Janelle said...

Okay, I did it. I signed up. I'm a little nervous seeing how I'm not a cunsultant and it seemed like most people were! Oh well, It can't hurt to try, right?