Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

Do you recognize those song lyrics? What movie are they from? I guess it's "My Best Friend's Wedding," right? Anyway, I was singing the song for whatever reason earlier today and Hailey, my almost-4 year old said, "I don't know the way because I'm only 3. I'm not old enough to drive yet. That's why I don't know. It's only a song, Mommy."

Then Sarah piped in and reminded me that it's not Santa Fe, it's Santa CLAUS. Good point, Sarah dear.

Another brilliant observation from Hailey today: we were going to Rosa's to get some lunch for Matt since it's "Taco Tuesday" and Hailey informed me that she could only have one taco because she only has one mouth. Silly, silly girl.

I am so glad that I write these things down.

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