Monday, July 21, 2008

my baby girl

As Matt would say, she's officially been out of me longer than she was in me. Yes, my little baby girl is nine months old already. I can't believe it. She's such a sweetheart, so mellow and happy pretty much all of the time. She puts up with her sisters' abuse and crazy antics and smiles through it all. She finally cut her first tooth last week- I was starting to wonder if she'd ever get any teeth. She loves to sit up and play and loves to be with her mom and dad. She had her first introduction with bubbles today and couldn't get enough. We love our baby girl!


Phoebe said...

Oh my goodness, Becky!! She couldn't be any cuter!! She is a dollbaby!! Yay!! Congrats on her tooth! :-) The time just flies, doesn't it?? My sister's baby is almost 5 months old already and it seems like we just welcomed him to the family yesterday!! Hope you're having a great evening!!

Anonymous said...

She is a sweet baby...makes you want to have another one right?? No I am not announcing anything. Horray for Teeth!! She will be eating the same food as everyone else in no time!

Amanda said...

She is too sweet Becky!! All of your girls are!
I totally know time flies.. and no matter how busy we are and how totally stressed out three little kids make us ;)... we have to remember to cherish this little years! She'll be up and running around in no time... then LOOK OUT!!

Jess said...

Becky she is so adorable! What a cute cute pic! :)