Tuesday, August 5, 2008

get this girl a helmet

Sarah is such a sweet girl, so funny and a joy in my life, but she is so darn clumsy. Seriously. She gets hurt all the time, so much that I think the Child Protective Services would come to investigate if they saw all of her bumps and bruises. In the past year alone I have lost track of the number of accidents she has had, most of the time simply because she is not being careful and isn't watching where she is going. Last week we even cancelled a doctor appointment because of it.

On Monday, I believe it was, Sarah and Hailey were upstairs playing while I made dinner. They were apparently jumping from the couch to the coffee table and back (which, by the way, they have been told numerous times not to do) and Sarah missed the coffee table with her feet and instead hit it with the side of her face. She ended up with a big mark, bump and huge bruise by her eye. Looks like someone smacked her in the face. Matt thought it would be a good idea to cancel her appointment with the doctor. Then he sent me to the police department to turn in a claim form (his truck window got bashed in by a neighbor over the weekend- I guess they thought we called the cops to break up their party or something, which we didn't even know about anyway- another story)- kinda funny. Cancel the doc appointment and send me to the police station instead, where the receptionist proceeded to question me about Sarah's injury. Yeah, that was fun. Today it's getting better but she still looks like a little raccoon. I can only imagine what people thought as they saw her while we were on vacation over the weekend.

This morning Sarah was playing with the water in the bathroom, getting it all over the floor as she is prone to do just about every day lately, and she slipped on the floor causing her to fall and scratch herself on her back on the plastic stool next to the sink on her way down. Lovely. Another injury.

Then, as Matt was getting ready to leave for work this afternoon she wasn't watching where she was going and ran smack into the wall. Now she has a bump and will most definitely have a bruise on her forehead. But, I am not cancelling another doctor appointment.

I guess most families have a child like this...one who is so klutzy and gets hurt all the time. Matt and I have joked about needing to get her a helmet and I am now starting to give it more serious thought.

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Sami said...

Oh my! It didn't even occur to me that Matt was sending you to the police department when you told me about the doctor appointment. How funny! Did you think of that before or after you walked into the police station? Peyton is our little "klutz" in the family. Seems he has a bruise of some kind somewhere for every well baby visit.