Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hailey's first day of preschool

Yes, it was an emotional time. Not for Hailey, but for me. Actually, I think I got all of the almost-tears out yesterday. I was talking to Hailey about preschool and told her that we would miss her while she was gone, and it made me a little bit sad just thinking about it. She smartly replied, "But I am going to have a wonderful time, Mommy." And of course she was right. She would have a wonderful time and would make lots of new friends, learn new things and it would be a great way to get her warmed up for starting kindergarten next year.

So, here she is...all decked out in her preschool t-shirt that she gets to wear the first Tuesday of each month, with her flowery backpack and Disney Princess lunch box. She was SO very excited. And, she wanted to make sure and wear her pink sparkly belt for the big day. Of course! The second picture is outside of her preschool class excitedly (I promise that she really was!) pointing to her name on the wall.

I asked her teacher how things went on the first day and she remarked that she was quiet but interacted well with those in the class. I knew it was a success when she just couldn't stop talking about all of the fun things that she got to do during the day. Our little Hailey is growing up...and there's nothing we can do about it. I am so proud of her!


Emily said...

Becky, what is going on... our kids are growing up too fast!! Hailey looks adorable and it is so fun to keep in touch this way with you guys! Emily

Nettie said...

I cannot believe how much your kids are growing. I guess our kids are closer in age than I thought. It's hard to keep track when you don't live nearby. I love keeping in touch this way though. I enjoy your page layouts as well. You do a very nice job! Did I send you the link to our blog? Josh started one this past summer. Take Care! Lynette