Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Our girls had fun carving pumpkins today and then trick-or-treating tonight. Heaven knows they don't need any more candy since they still have some left over from the church party last week, but it's fun for them, and we want them to have fun being kids.

We spent the morning at the park, and poor Sarah was so tired. We drove from our house to a neighborhood down the street a couple minutes and she was asleep by the time we stopped the car, then wanted to be carried most of the time we walked around from house to house.

The girls got lots of candy, then we stopped to visit the girls' new little nephew, Cody, who is almost a month old already. Cute little boy!! As we were getting out of the car to go visit them Matt suggested to the girls that we give their candy to the kids at the childrens' hospital. "But they don't have any teeth," Hailey said. I don't know what gave her the idea that people in the hospital don't have any teeth. Silly girl. They sure are fun.

We stopped at Matt's parents' house before going home and the girls had fun getting more candy there and always LOVE to visit with their Grandma and Grandpa. Sarah threw a fit on the way home because she wanted to hold her candy bucket and eat some more candy on the way home. I'd already brushed the girls' teeth since I just KNEW they would fall asleep on the way home (which they did- hooray!!) and I didn't want a fight to get their teeth brushed again.

Now the girls are all nestled snug in their beds (wrong holiday, I know)in their princess costumes and Aimee in her little orange and black striped pants and Halloween shirt. It was quite an eventful, fun day. I am so glad that Matt got to spend part of it with us since he's working graveyard shifts this week. He sacrificed a lot of his sleep so that he could spend time with us. Thank you, Matt. We love you!!


annie said...

Hi - thanks for your email - I stopped by. The girls are so cute! It is fun to peek in and see how it is all going for y'all (that's my texan accent) I'd better check in on Ellis'e too, and maybe someday my kids and scrap stuff will find a cyberspace, as well : )..not that I have worked on any lately - Take Care - annie!

Maretta said...

Very seeing all the photos! What did we do before e-mail and blogs?