Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and the ER

We were planning to spend Thanksgiving with Matt's family. The kids were excited, as were we, and all was ready for us to go when the kids woke up with fevers. They'd been battling colds/cough for a week and I was just hoping that things would be resolved by the time Thanksgiving rolled around. We were not so fortunate, unfortunately.

We ended up going to their house to get our food and then ate at our house. Not exactly the fun family Thanksgiving dinner we were anticipating, but at least we were all together.

As the day progressed Aimee's cough got worse and started to sound really croupy. She had a hard time sleeping because of it and so in the middle of the night we found ourselves in the ER where Aimee received a breathing treatment and some meds to help her feel better. Poor little girl. Happy Thanksgiving to us.


Jess said...

Ugh - Becky I wish I could just hug you... or take you out for a drink when this is over! I'm sending you healthy thoughts and hope you are getting some rest.

Janelle said...

Oh, no!! That is no fun at all. I hope Aimee and the others are doing better!

Sami said...

Maybe you'll get to be cool like me, and own your own nebulizer! Is she feeling better? Miss you already!