Friday, February 27, 2009

what a mess

I can't believe that I didn't take a picture of it first, but I think I was too frustrated and just wanted to clean it up. So I did.

Rewind a few minutes. I had been on the phone when my 4 year old came in naked with something that looked like dark red ink or something similar on her face and back side. I had no idea what she'd gotten into until she told me she found it in my bathroom. So, I quickly go in to see what the damage was and found what I'd suspected. A whole tube of lipstick smeared on the tub, floor, bath rugs, and counter along with soap, lotion, dental floss and misc. feminine hygiene products that my girls seem so captivated by. I don't know why they keep playing with those things.

Anyway, after half a roll of paper towels and a conversation with my husband at work I had it all cleaned up. If this wasn't the worst I could have done ok. But, that is never it at my house. At the same time the two oldest were arguing about who got to wear the green leotard to be Tinkerbell, each screaming at the other while I am trying to get the baby to take a nap. The oldest decided to grunt and growl at the 3 year old, there was some kind of an altercation and then crying by the younger one. I went upstairs and the older one got a swat on her still-naked back side for the stunt she'd pulled (mind you, my kids rarely get spanked) and then she told me her common line as of late, "Well then I will call you a stupid mommy." What? Did she really say that to me again? Yes, she did. So, she got another swat which sent her screaming to her room and slamming the door.

Yes, it's been a bit of a rough afternoon and Matt had only been gone for an hour. This morning he told me, "They were only alone for a few minutes" after I found those same two girls in the bathroom spreading soap and water everywhere for the umpteenth time. So, it really doesn't take that long for them to get themselves and everything involved into a complete mess.

I turned on a movie, they are having a "tea party" and I am enjoying a few quiet moments in front of my computer hoping to salvage any sanity I might have left today. I think I'll go scrapbook. I could use some creative time.

I hope the rest of you are having a great day. I apologize for seriously neglecting this blog lately. We've been so sick the last week and a half and I haven't been doing much. I do have a few scrapbook pages I could share, so maybe I'll do that later.


Lisa Carroll said...

I did the lipstick thing once to my mom. It scared the crap out of her at first because she thought it might be blood. Once she realized what is was, I was a lot of trouble!!! Sorry you are having such a trying day!!

Sami said...

I can totally relate BeckJune! While Cameron and I have been sleeping in the guest room, I have lost 3 tubes of chapstick to Peyton/the furniture. It always seems to work like an avalanche, heaven help you if one thing goes wrong...everything else will too. I miss you already!

Jess said...

Oh no what a mess! Becky I'm so sorry - I can just picture it. Hope you have a much more relaxing day tomorrow!

Elisabeth said...

Oh no, hope there wasn't anything permanently ruined! Sending you vibes for a much calmer day today!

Janelle said...

Yikes - just what you DIDN'T need on top of being sick for a week and a half! Hope you are having a little better day now.