Thursday, March 12, 2009

my new toy

I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember and have had a camera since I was a kid. I wanted to take photography classes in school but for whatever reason never did. I thought I wanted to grow up and be what I called a "postcard photographer," which I guess would be a nature photographer. What fun that would be, too.

I've had all kinds of cameras from film to digital but got my first "REAL" camera the other day. Aren't tax refunds wonderful??!! I did a lot of searching online, reading on lots of photography message boards and checking the reviews on digital SLRs and finally decided on the Canon Rebel XS, which I love, even after having it for only a few days. I've shot pictures mostly on auto so far but am anxious to learn more about how to adjust the other settings to improve my photography skills. I am such an amateur but LOVE that I now have some of the tools I need to get better. And, here it is:

The kids, especially the baby, have been begging to have their picture taken. Aimee says, "mo, mo," which in her language means, "more." And, of course who can resist that, right? And, thank you, Matt, for letting me get this camera. I will have to do some quick learning before our Disneyland trip at the end of the month!!

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DoubleL said...

Nice one!!! Have fun!