Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cheetos and cookies for breakfast is one of those days already. Not a bad day by any means, the kids are playing happily, the dishwasher is loaded and running, Aimee is contentedly looking at books while I sit down for a few minutes. It wasn't really Cheetos for breakfast but Sarah must have found one left over from last night. Not a surprise. The cookies, well, that's another story.

The poor kids and I have colds...again. At least we got a good few weeks of not being sick. At least we don't have the swine flu. At least we didn't have a horrible thunderstorm last night preventing my good night's sleep. At least Matt has a good job and I can stay home with the girls. At least we are blessed in so very many other ways. We are healthy and happy and life is good.

That's Matt and Sarah watching the "Wonder Pets" as they save the cow (from a tornado- how fitting for these parts!)

Here are a few things I heard this morning...

"If you don't give me that stuff back I will go to sleep forever."

That was Hailey...I think she's watched Snow White and Sleeping Beauty a few too many times. Wouldn't you think? This is her retort as Matt "MADE" her clean her papers and crayons off the table so we could eat breakfast. She decided this morning that she would make some hearts for Valentine's Day. Apparently she is really planning ahead. She would bring me a piece of paper one by one with a new crayon she wanted me to use to draw a heart, and I didn't mind because I got a hug each time I drew a new heart for her. She would then color it in and cut it out. She loves to draw and spends time every day doing so. I even found her up to the table early one morning, before 6 o'clock, fallen asleep with her paper and crayons around her.

"If you don't let me cut then I'll run away." Yep, this was from Sarah as she shouted from the stairs after Matt took her scissors away so that we could get ready to eat. Sarah is the sweetest little girl but when she gets upset she means business. No one is going to mess with her even if she's the smallest one around. She's a tough girl.

And I said, "Who wants to have cookies and milk for breakfast?" No, not real cookies, but I thought we all deserved some Cookie Crisp this morning since it was kind of a rough one. I was answered by Hailey with, "Well, we really have to change into something fancy." She went upstairs and changed into her best Cinderella garb complete with gloves and Princess shoes. She was ready for her royal breakfast.

It's been a fairly good day...the kids have all had baths (everyone except for me, which is pretty typical, and perhaps some of you moms can relate), we have strawberries starting to grow and our garden wasn't washed away by the rain last night.

After breakfast the girls wanted to play dress-up. I overheard from my room that I got to be the witch. "Why do I have to be the witch," I asked Hailey. "Because me and Sarah are the princesses and Daddy is the prince so you have to be the wicked witch. If you don't want to be the witch then you can't be in our play." And that was that. I hope my being chosen as the wicked witch has no reflection on my parenting skills.

All is if I could just get my laundry put away and my bathrooms cleaned.

We'll see....time to check on Hailey and Sarah since it's WAY too quiet upstairs.

Have a great day!


Jamie Cotter said...

LOL that is funny. Kids say the darndest things!

Anonymous said...

That was really fun to read. I think that you are the better parent if there was a competition between you and me. We don't even have Cookie Crisp...just real cookies. And I am not going to feel them those for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Oh! and one more thing...MY laundry pile is MUCH larger than yours...again. Like 4x larger... I really hate laundry.

beckyjune said...

You know what, Ellie? I bet your cookies taste better than that cereal, and we don't buy it hardly ever...this was just a lucky day for the kids, and...I hate laundry, too, and only showed one of the piles. I had it piled up on both couches in the living room, but we did get most of it folded yesterday and the girls were a big help.