Wednesday, April 22, 2009

covered in Primrose

Yes, I wish I'd taken a picture of Hailey covered from head to toe in Primrose. What? I am sure you are wondering what I'm talking about. This afternoon while the baby was taking a nap I put on a movie for the other girls and because I was tired I laid down on the couch and actually fell asleep. Big mistake. Huge.

I went to look for Hailey since I couldn't hear or see her anywhere. Most parents know that's a bad sign and this time, it sure was. I found Hailey in the bathroom and it stopped me in my tracks. I didn't even know what to say and almost swore, even though I am not a swearing person. Oh my he.. You know what I mean, but I said heck instead because I don't want my 4 year old swearing. We'll probably have to deal with that later but today I had enough things to worry about.

She was covered from head to toe (literally) on the front side of her body and all over her arms with Primrose Crayola marker. This is a dark pinkish purple and I freaked. The girls have gymnastics class on Wednesday evening and tomorrow is preschool. I immediately got her in the tub and that water quickly turned to pink. I scrubbed and scrubbed and still couldn't get it off. She had it all over her face, even on her forehead and by her eyes. I wasn't sure how I would get it off or if she'd be able to go anywhere looking the way she did. What a mess. My kids have colored on themselves with marker before but nothing like this. I should have taken a picture.
Do you see the color of the marker at the top of the box where it says, "Broad Line"? That is Primrose, and that was the color of Hailey this afternoon. Seriously. All over her.

After calling Matt at work right after the incident so that I could freak out about it to him I searched for advice on how to remove the ink. You'd think the Crayola website would have tips on how to remove the purple color, and they do have tons of suggestions on stain removal as long as the stain is on your wall, your furniture, anywhere besides on your kid. Perhaps they should revamp that stain removal list. I tried lots of different things to no avail, and finally found that dish soap does the trick, at least to help lighten the color a shade or two. Now she is lemony fresh and is at least presentable enough to go to her class and to preschool tomorrow.

We were sitting at the table after gymnastics tonight and I asked Hailey why she did that and she told me that maybe she just wanted to be Pocahontas. I told her that Pocahontas wasn't purple, though, and she simply told me, "Well, we didn't have a brown."

So, there you go. She wanted to be Pocahontas. Needless to say she won't be using markers for quite a while. At least not until after the purple wears off.


Alicia said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! YOU SHOULD'VE TAKEN A PIC OF HER!!! That's just way too much excitement for you...and all you were trying to do was take one of those very rare little naps! First a haircut and now she's coloring herself...such a funny girl!

Sherri said...

Oh my stars, lol. That is the best story I've heard all week. I really think you should leave the primrose out just for one more day, hopefully she'll do it again, and you could get the priceless pic. Just a thought...:)

beckyjune said... are way too funny. We've confiscated the markers for the time being. It was quite a day yesterday and bedtime couldn't come quickly enough for us last night.

Danielle said...

Oh Becky! I laughed SOOO hard. You really do have funny kids. I am not goint to share this story with my family...I don't want them getting any ideas. But still, SOOOO funny! hahahahahahahahaha!

Sherri said...

in times like those all you can do is laugh, right? That, or cry? Sometimes a little of both...simultaneously :)

Janelle said...

Oh my! That is some creativity! Glad you were able to get it at least mostly off!