Wednesday, April 15, 2009

grateful for legs and feet

My husband and I watched a show on TLC last night called, "Mermaid Girl," which was about a little girl named Shiloh who was born with sirenomelia, or "Mermaid Syndrome." The condition is rare and most of the children who survive typically have their legs separated at birth or shortly thereafter but due to Shiloh's many other medical conditions and decisions made by the family, she has continued to grow and function with her legs fused.

It was a sad show to watch, but inspirational at the same time, and quite timely because we have been struggling with the fact that our Aimee is still not walking on her own and she's almost 18 months old. She is progressing, and she DID crawl late, and we think that she is just being cautious and will figure it out eventually. She can walk if she holds onto something, can even push the kids' little shopping cart without help. I am sure she'll be fine...watching it kind of put things into perspective with Aimee.

Aimee woke up late last night while we were watching this show and I sat there just thankful that she has "normal" legs and feet, that she CAN walk with help and will probably walk on her own in the near future. And, she's darn cute, huh?

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mustangkayla said...

Sometimes these shows that are so hard to watch are really good at getting your perspectives straight again and reminding you of how lucky you really are!

Sherri said...

Hang in there. My dd didn't walk until she was 17 months. She'd happily run behind the kiddie shopping cart, but the second you took that away she'd fall to the floor and just sit there. She barely crawled too. It was terribly frustrating as I had a 3 month old and a 4 year old at the same time. But eventually it did happen.

Jess said...

Aw, what a sweet post Becky. I can't offer experience but am also sure it's only a matter of time. Hugs to you. (And Aimee IS so adorable, I love those little painted toes.)

Danielle said...

I bet that she will be a fun one to potty train seems that she likes to take her time with things. Kind of like a nice little reminder that things USUALLY don't happen on our time table, but they USUALLY do work out the way that is the best. (and yes, she is very cute. especially those little painted piggies)