Saturday, April 11, 2009

i missed a day and some Easter eggs

I have been trying hard to blog at least a little something everyday. I had kind of a rough time with the kids last night, and the rest of the day was pretty busy so I decided to just forget it and go to bed. And, I was so tired. I didn't even hear Matt come home I was so zonked.

Besides all of the regular house cleaning and regular day to do stuff that happens around here we did have some fun yesterday, dyeing Easter eggs and then eating some of them as well.

Can you tell Aimee was having so much fun watching? Can't you feel the excitement?

Lots of fun swishing the dye around.

The funniest part for me was watching the girls EAT their eggs after the eggs were dry. Sarah picked up a pink one (of course) and stuck it right into her mouth. I guess she didn't realize she had to take the shell off first. Hailey bit into hers and while she was eating I was telling her about how sometimes we make scrambled eggs but that these were hard boiled eggs. She then happily stated, "and they have cheese in them!" Silly girl thought the egg yolk was cheese. Wouldn't that be cool to have cheese already in the egg? I thought that was cute.

I got Sarah to take part of the shell off and she immediately stuck the egg right back in her mouth, hoping, I guess, to get a bite of the yummy egg without having to do all the work.

We are going to save Easter day for all of the religious activities, going to church, talking about the real reason we celebrate Easter (we've been doing that all along to make sure the girls don't think that we do it for the candy or the Easter Bunny).

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