Monday, April 20, 2009

poor baby girl and a pint-sized cake decorator

It has been one crazy Monday, not that there was anything TOO out of the ordinary going on at our house, just lots of the normal craziness that we are used to around here.

I am tired so I'll make this a quick post tonight but had to share the sad, sad tale of my poor little baby girl. Not so little, though, since she turned 18 months old today, and yes, we celebrated. This little girl was such a miracle baby that we celebrate every day. How I love that sweet girl, I absolutely adore her, so seeing her get hurt today was so very sad. I don't even know how she did it but one minute she looked like this:

and the next she'd somehow bumped her mouth on the floor and split open her lip and she looked like this:

Poor, sweet little baby girl. It made me so sad. She sometimes throws herself onto the floor when she gets upset and this time she must have forgotten where she was and really hit hard on the ceramic tile floor. Ouch!! I think this was her first real accident, which is incredible considering how rough her sisters are with her sometimes. She didn't want to let me hold a cold cloth on her little mouth so I remedied that and tried to help her feel better by giving her popsicles and got two things accomplished that way. Her upper lip was so puffy she didn't even look like herself. By dinner time the swelling had started to go down...thank goodness since she has her 18 month check-up tomorrow. I'd hate to have her look like someone had beaten her up. Poor baby.

And now for something fun!! Hailey and Sarah were playing with their Play-Doh while I did some things around the house and I walked in to see this little delicacy: It was quite intricate and detailed for a four year old. Perhaps she has a future in cake decorating? I think she has a pretty good start!

Have a great night :)


Sherri Funk said...

what a sweet little cake, and some cute little girls too.

Jess said...

Aw poor little punkin! Hope she feels better soon. And hey that cake is pretty darn good! I never had the patience to that much detail work! You just may have a baker on your hands. :)

Connie said...

Ah poor thing-she is so cute becky!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that little aimee is all better now...poor little girl. Tell Hailey that I like her cake. She definately has a talent and a future in cake decorating. There is someone in our ward that makes $50+ per cake and she does really well with it.