Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i really need to get off my duff

No offense or reference to Hilary or her sister...I have just been doing lots of sitting lately. Sitting and scrapbooking, sitting and cruising the blogs I read, sitting and watching the "Wonder Pets" to please my kids, sitting and sitting and sitting.

I really need to dust off that treadmill that's taking up so much space in the corner of my bedroom. I'd love to take a walk if it wasn't already so darn hot outside and it's supposed to be near 100 degrees today. And, it's only May here, people!!!!!! I fear for the summer heat that awaits us if it's this scorchingly (is that a word?) hot right now. Never fear, though, it's supposed to be down in the 70s where I like it by the end of the week.

So, my goal, stop sitting so much. Get moving, dance around (I did chase the kids around the house this morning at their request, so that's got to count for something, right?) and do something active.

But, today I am working on a project. Such a fun scrapbooking project. I have one in the works for next month's AC Bailey newsletter, one I'm doing for Hailey's preschool teacher and one for a contest I'm in over at Scrapbook Nook. I got 10 extra points on my week #1 challenge layout- thanks to the design team member over there for your vote!! I'm so very excited about this week's challenge- create a shaped layout...and I have the perfect idea and it's so fun and unique and I don't think anyone else will do this same thing...unless, of course, they think I'm so cool and they want to be like me. Not hardly likely. But, I'm anxious to get it done so I can show y'all. ( I really do use that word "Y'all" a lot more than I ever thought I would when we moved down to Texas.)

So, stay tuned and be prepared to be WOWed. Maybe. I hope so :) So, more sitting. And, then maybe I'll take the kids for a walk.

Have a great day. Yesterday was kind of a crazy zoo here and today is already looking a thousand times better. So, I'm chipper and ready to finish my project.


Amanda said...

Hi Becky! .. I totally hear ya.. I JUST got back into going on my exercise bike.. ok, maybe not "back"... cause I never did it before! ha ha.. but I'm gonna start! It's been a LONG winter up here and getting the serge of those "exercise endorphins" (or whatever it is! hee hee) seems to really pep me up! So, "GO BECKY GO!"
You're project sounds very interesting.. can't wait to see what you've got in the works!

Danielle said...

You should know by now that most of the things that you post inspire me to copy you.