Wednesday, May 20, 2009

new and not-so-new pictures

I love digital cameras but one of the drawbacks is that some picture are forever lost either on my memory card or on the computer. To prevent that from happening I thought I'd share a few recent ones. They're a little mixed up but I'll try and explain each one. Enjoy!

Sarah's lollipop and below, her straddle jump on the trampoline
a pretty rainbow from last week
Mother's Day flowers from Matt
the famous "Bat Mobile" that won first prize in the Pinewood Derby last weekend!
Hailey being silly at dinner time

Hailey on the beam and being silly during the picture-taking before GymFest
a calla lily from our front yard...isn't the pipe a nice touch? Sorry.
Little Aimee, our biker baby sporting her shirt from Disneyland
The derby line-up- with the Bat Mobile- and yes, he made it himself!
The bathroom downstairs...right before I started to paint. After pics to come later.
Cute Aimee outside yesterday- she can climb up the slide now.
Our little mama
And an AC Bailey project I'm working on- gotta get moving on this one!
And there you have it...lots of new pics from me. Have a great night. It's time for me to get to bed since I have another busy day tomorrow!!


Linda said...

Love the pics girl! Super cute!

Scoobie said...

Love your pictures!

Sherri Funk said...

Man your kids are so cute! They have the most gorgeous eyes! Love the book, very cute paper.

Auntie Em said...

Awesome Pictures...and can't wait to see your project!!

chenguna said...

Luv your pics and your mini is looking cute. Cant wait to see when you finish it!
Michelle M.