Monday, June 15, 2009

awwww! She's so sweet

I was reading my friend, Jessica's blog, and just saw that she'd given me this little award. What a sweet friend :) Thanks, Jess! You just made my day lots happier. It has been pretty good so far but now it's even better. I mean, how could it not be a great day with the news I got this morning?!

Her blog, Crafty Cafe, is amazing. Tons of fun tips and other cool stuff. Check it out.

Thanks, Jess!! I hope you have a great day.


Jess said...

Aw Becky you're so welcome! And AHHHHHHHHHH congrats again! :D

Anonymous said...

well...your blog os a fun one to read. it is one of the VERY few that i check regularly.