Friday, June 5, 2009

just an update

I had a rough couple of days and haven't done any new scrapping projects but wanted to let you know that I got my 15 points for the "Double or Nothing" challenge where I made the big flower layout earlier in the week, so I may still be in the running to move on to the next round of the Scrap-Off. I guess I'll know more after the winners are posted for the big challenge for this round. So, stay tuned. And, again, only 10 will get to move on. Regardless, it's been a fun ride.


Janelle said...

Yay! Your layout was fabulous! Good Luck :)

mustangkayla said...

Sorry to hear about the rough days! I hope things get better real soon!

Congrats on getting 15 points. Your layout was outstanding!

Danielle said...

I actually saw that yesterday on the nook site...hurray!!I hope that you win the whole thing! I think that you are the best!