Friday, June 5, 2009

my cutie pie Aimee girl

This little girl is the sweetest thing!! Seriously. Whenever I feel down or tired or just need a little boost all it takes is a smile from Aimee, a big and wet sloppy kiss, a nice squeeze (she's gotten to be such a good hugger lately!!) and I feel so much better. And, it doesn't hurt that she's the most adorable, precious baby girl. I love all my kids but when Hailey and Sarah are fighting or being defiant or making huge messes everywhere I can always count on Aimee to just be sweet. And, most of the time she is. I know that her time is coming...she's not THAT far away from the "terrible twos" and already has the "I'm gonna throw myself down on the floor and bang my head and kick my feet" thing down perfectly. But, for now, she's my sweet baby girl.

The kids have enjoyed taking baths all together in the big tub in mine and Matt's room lately so today I decided to take advantage of that and take some pictures.

You can tell from this picture just how anxious she was to get into the tub :)

Isn't she just the sweetest little thing?


Cheri said...

Totally adorable! I love the black and White photo! It is truly beautiful!

Jenifer said...

so sweet... I LOVE the first picture... precious!!!

Anonymous said...

Aimee Bath???!!?? I love how she was constantly saying is like pulling teeth to get my girls in the tub. I LOVE the first picture too...perfectly aimee.

bitte71 said...

Awww, isn´t she the sweetest?! Sugarpie!
Hope you will feel better soon and that you move on to the final at the Nook: I really love your work!

Willea said...

She is the cutest little girl!! Beautiful pics!

*Hugs* and hope you find your mojo real soon!!


Linda said...

Becky, she is so cute and adorable, and I really like these photos, they are super!

Suz said...

She's adorable