Monday, August 3, 2009

i am back and some fun ScrapStreet news

Have you missed me?

Just kidding.

We had a horrible storm pass through on Saturday morning, tons of lightning and thunder and rain pouring down like crazy around our house. At one point it hit so hard that it set off our home alarm system sending everyone into a panic. It also set off car alarms in the neighborhood and made it so that our cable and internet would no longer work.

You really don't think about how much you are tied to the online community until you no longer have internet access, and of course there was no one from NTS to help us until Monday morning. We called as early as we could today and finally, tonight, had a serviceman come over to check out the problem. Matt had to take a quick trip to Best Buy for a new ethernet port, took a little while to install that and we are back in business!!

Thanks to all of you who commented on my blog hop post. WOW!! I had no idea there would be so many of you. I'll do a random drawing tomorrow or the next day and let you know who the winner is.

Those of you who know me well know that I'd love to be published in a scrapbook magazine someday. I have submitted over and over and over to my favorite print mags in hopes of being pubbed but with no luck. My bruised ego has been helped somewhat by having layouts and cards published in some online scrapbooking magazines.

Because I haven't been able to get online I didn't know this until tonight, but one of my layouts made the cover of ScrapStreet magazine!!! Wow!! That is so amazing to me. Thank you, ScrapStreet ladies, for choosing my page. What an honor.

You can check out the latest issue here

Stay tuned this week for fun scrappiness using that awesome August kit from My Scrapbook Nook. I can't wait to show you what I have been working on!!


Lisa Carroll said...

Sorry you lost your internet for a bit. That really is no fun at all! Congrats on the pub and the cover. That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Who needs to be published on the inside of a magazine when you can have the cover! That is cool Becky! Glad you have your internet back...

Elisabeth said...

Woohooo, congrats Becky, how awesome!!!

Connie said...

that is awesome Becky!!! A big congrats to you!!!

Anonymous said...

That is sooo cool Miss Becky!!! I have no doubt you will adorn many more magazines and online Magazines. Great Layout!!