Friday, October 2, 2009

sicker than a dog

I am not sure who came up with that saying or why but that's how I feel today.

Like I've been hit my a truck.

Like my head is going to explode.

Like i just want to sleep all day.

I think it's the's been hanging around me for a couple of weeks like impending doom and today I feel awful...

My heart goes out to those of you who have been sick, those who have family members who are sick. I know how it feels. I haven't had the high fever some have had but I've had the sore throat, bad headaches, nagging cough that keeps me up at night, backache, general not-feeling-good feeling.

Matt is off of work today and took the girls out to the Science Spectrum this morning so I could have a break and get some rest. I thought I'd sleep for a little while, get in the shower, maybe even scrap a little while they were gone but instead I slept.

The whole time.

And i want to go back to sleep.

For the rest of the day.

And tomorrow, even.

I hope you are feeling better than I am.

And, to think I thought we might be able to go over to the corn maze and pumpkin patch tonight after Hailey gets home from school.

I'm thinkin' we'll be staying put tonight.

And now Matt's not feeling well, either.

Should be a fun weekend.


laterg8r said...

hope you feel better soon :D

Lisa Carroll said...

sorry. I know how you feel. We have been sick all week and so far not getting better. But at least I found out I have a sinus infection and I am hoping the boys just have colds so we can all feel a little better tomorrow. And make it our corn maze. Get more rest and if you still feel that bad get to a doctor!

Cluff Chronicles said...

I really hope you can get over this quickly. I can feel your pain through my children. Thank goodness Jeff and I haven't had it yet. Emily is the only one left with it today.

jenifer said...

tylenol cold and flu... it's my drug of choice. it's MAGICAL!
sorry you're sick AGAIN.... it's lubbock.

Maretta said...

I sure hope you feel better soon...