Monday, November 23, 2009

December kit from Color Me Daisy and an angel girl

I got this kit in the mail the other day and am so glad that I chose for my design team rotation to start in December. You see, at Color Me Daisy we are on a month-on-month off rotation. It's kinda nice because we get a bit of a break and then we're so excited for it to be our turn to receive the kits.

I am so very excited to share with you some pictures from our December kit, "Under the Mistletoe," featuring Pink Paislee and Fancy Pants papers, lovely Prima newsprint flowers, Maya Road flowers and lots of fun trims and other things. Well, you can see some of it for yourself in these pictures that Michelle shared with everyone on the CMD blog.

Doesn't it look pretty? It's not the traditional red and green but I LOVE it!!

I am going to start working with this kit today so I'll have some little sneaks to share with you soon.

Have a great day!!

Oh, before I go, I told you that we put up our Christmas tree on Saturday. Well, yesterday Aimee pulled it down. Half of the ornaments are still scattered in the front room because yesterday was a busy day. Thankfully only one broke, and no one got hurt. I was kinda hoping to get a picture of Aimee standing by her conquest but she got away too quickly.

And, on another note...Hailey did beautifully on her solo at church yesterday. She sounded and looked like a little angel as she sweetly sang, "Jesus came to John the Baptist in Judea long ago..."

And, do you you know what? She was so sick yesterday. She threw up twice before 8:30 and I worried...she'd been so looking forward to singing her song for the kids' program and was so sad that she might have to miss it. Me, too. So, I let her rest, or, more accurately, I MADE her rest so that she could maybe feel better and do her song. She started looking and feeling better before we had to leave for church (this was the first day that I was actually thankful for the 12:30 church schedule) so we got her ready and she was able to sing her song but I noticed that toward the end of the program she was looking a bit yellow again and I worried. I knew she was tired, she kept yawning the whole hour of the program, but she made it through. I wanted to take her home to rest but she insisted on staying for her classes and Matt gave in...and she got sick during class. Poor sweet girl, she has to stay home from school today.

I'll show you a picture of her all dressed up and ready for her performance later on today. Now I need to go take care of my sick girl.


laterg8r said...

ohhhh i hope she feels better soon :D

Rebecca said...

Cant wait to see your December CMD projects! Hope your little girl is feeling 100% soon.

Cluff Chronicles said...

My family said Hailee did a wonderful job, they were very impressed. I wish I could have been there.

Danielle said...

Sweet little girl. I love how my girls always want to go even when they don't feel well. Tell her that I hope she feels better soon. The kit is also very cute. Sometimes not having the traditional red and green is better anyway.

Connie said...

hey becky-love looking at your Lo's and the girls are growing so fast. Aimee changes evrytime I see a pic of her. take care.

Aimee (aka carolinagirl) said...

Aimee sounds like she is such a handful! LOL! Reminds me of when I was little!

So glad Hailey got to sing! Hope she is feeling better now!