Thursday, January 21, 2010

oh what a morning

And I don't mean, "oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day," either.

We hardly slept last night because Aimee had such a rough night. I'm just grateful that Matt took her part of the time so that I could get a little bit of sleep. We each took turns sleeping on Aimee's floor.

You see, last night while I was gone to my activity at the church there was a little mishap. Matt had given the girls baths and then they were up on our bed watching a show on tv. Matt left the room to get the hair stuff and that's when it all happened. Sarah climbed up on the footboard of our bed and Aimee decided to do the same only she fell off and then complained of pain in her arm all night. She also scrubbed up her forehead, nose and upper lip when she hit the carpet.

So, I came home to hear the news and since Aimee was seemingly in so much pain I took her to the doctor this morning after dropping off Hailey at school. We saw a family practice doctor, then Aimee had to get x-rays, which she didn't like at all, then we went back to the first doctor, then got sent over to see another doctor- an orthopedic specialist in the building- and then Aimee had to get her very first (and hopefully last)splint on her left arm since she fractured her wrist. On Monday we have to go back to have the splint removed and have a cast on. For now she's resting and holding her arm in a sling. Poor sweet baby girl.

At least she got a few lollipops out of the deal.

And, I think she now understands that the splint is on her arm to keep it from hurting.

poor sweet girl.