Monday, February 22, 2010

a note to Sherri and SRM

I have "met" some wonderful people through my blog and others around the blogosphere. I've learned lots and have been inspired by so many of you, so thank you. Just to have people visit my blog and to take the time to leave comments about my work and life experiences is such a fun thing for me.

I don't know how to contact Sherri since she doesn't have a blog but I want to thank her today for being one of my biggest supporters here. She comments on just about every post, says kind things at other places around the web (thank you for your sweet words at the Jillibean Soup blog the other day) and seems like such a wonderful person.

So, Sherri, I hope you are having a wonderful day- here is a long-distance cyber hug and another thank you from me.

p.s. check me out on the SRM stickers blog today:


LG said...

You are such a great friend Becky that is why a lot of us here are very supportive. Your works are amazing and very inspirational.

KateB said...

well, props go to you too...your work rocks and always inspires!!!!

deana said...

What a sweet note!

I adore that baby LO you made for the SRM blog... so cute! :-)

Sherri said...

Aww...Becky such kind words. I don't know how I missed this entry. I've read the 2 since, and just came back to the blog tonight to see if you responded about how your father in law is doing. All of a sudden I see my name in your title. Funny stuff. I actually thought that maybe there was a Sherri at SRM that you were talking about, lol. It's a little embarrassing actually *blush*, I'm just being me, and responding to the the transparency that you allow us to see in you through your blog, and your gorgeous creation :) Nonetheless, hug received, and returned. And btw we'd totally be friends if we lived in the same state, (or even the same country for that matter) I just know it. You, me, and our 6 girls combined could have some serious, crazy fun together. Bless you tonight.

NinaB said...

What a neat post. I've been blessed so much by my blogging friends who leave me some love regularly.