Sunday, May 23, 2010

little reminders that life is good.

I don't want this to be a whiny, ranting post.

Really, I want this post to help me remember the little things because

We've been sick a lot lately, and it seems that whenever we get sick I get it the worst. Isn't that Murphy's Law or something? The one who is supposed to take care of everyone else is the one who gets sick the worst and still has to take care of everyone. It was funny (not ha ha funny) when I had to spend a lot of time on the couch last Saturday night because I was so sick and Matt got the girls fed and then ready for bed later and he commented about how I was having such an easy night and I just kind of glared at him.

Isn't funny how the whole world seemingly comes to a crashing halt when husbands are sick but the wives keep on taking care of everyone else? So I thought it was funny and had to remind him of how sick I was feeling and how I'd still been taking care of the kids and doing everything else and how I rarely get to just lay down on the couch when I'm sick. Rant over.

Anyway, this morning I was reminded as I read a friend's blog- she's been struggling with infertility and has suffered so many miscarriages and more heartache. We've been wanting #4 and it just hasn't happened and I am starting to realize that I need to be happy with what I've been given, my 3 beautiful, spunky girls.

I love being a mom, love reminders like
-finding hair clips in my pockets because I pick them up as I see them scattered around the house during the day
-finding Aimee's favorite pink afghan in the Tupperware cupboard where she was hiding yesterday
-finding pink plastic Princess bingo chips in my bathroom drawer
-so many hand-drawn pictures made by my girls that are now taking over the kitchen where they do most of their projects
-silly songs and crazy laughter
-listening to Hailey and Sarah excitedly talking to each other as they play
-episode after episode of "the Backyardigans"
-Aimee standing on the bottom step singing her little heart out
-teaching them to pray and getting excited to hear my 2 year old bless the food and listening to Sarah as she says, "and please bless Aimee to be quiet during the prayer" and thanking Heavenly Father for Santa Claus and other things
-Hailey sweetly asking me "Mommy, is there anything you can do?" Friday night as she threw up time after time after time and we didn't get any rest from that until after 3 on Saturday morning
-making cute tutus for the girls yesterday
-driving around town to find animals for the girls and our big score yesterday afternoon- BUFFALO!
-being grateful for having kids who bring home bugs from school because it means that I HAVE kids.
-having tea parties with purple cupcakes and sprinkles everywhere
-play doh all over the place
-endless scores of laundry that seems to be multiplying while I sleep
-blowing bubble after bubble in our backyard while the girls run and try to catch them
-watching Barbie movies with them for the zillionth time
-making forts out of couch cushions in the living room
-pulling mattresses onto the floor so that they can jump and do tricks
-Sarah literally climbing up the walls (remind me to post a picture of that sometime)

-planting flowers and strawberries only to have them picked and eaten green (it's no wonder Aimee's had diarrhea lately since she pulls green strawberries off the plants just about every time she goes outside)- I don't think we'll get to eat many of them this year
-making silly suppers for them
-getting doused with water every time I give them a bath

Even though we're going to have to stay home from church for the second week in a row (me, at least, since I was sick LAST weekend, too and now feel awful once again) I have my kids and my husband and I am so blessed.

I think it's important to remember the little things and you just KNOW that the scrapper in me is going to make a page with some of these in the near future.

Have a wonderful day!


Cluff Chronicles said...

I hope you get feeling better. I know the feeling, it is hard when you are sick and you have to take care of sick kids. I am home from church today too, but it is Justin sick not me.

laterg8r said...

loads of things to be grateful for :D

Britt said...

I love reading about your life. Even when you're sick. Just reminds me of all the fun stuff to come and I hope I handle it with half the grace you do! Feel better, girlie!