Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my little painted ladies

I have not been feeling well lately, probably the same kind of stomach bug that's been going around town for quite some time, and a headache to go along with it.

I got up yesterday, unwillingly, and headed in to talk to Matt who was now home from work and my sister called telling me that I'd sent her some wierd email which later turned out to be a bigger deal- I'd unknowingly opened up an attachment in an email from a friend and now a virus was attacking our computer and sending emails out to everyone in my address book, my sister included. We later found out that it was a Trojan Horse and we are trying to get rid of it still.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. I pulled out the kids' watercolor paints and some paper and let them be creative for a while until I heard laughter and shrieks and saw as they ran to the bathroom to get a good look at themselves. I guess they'd decided that their paper canvases were too limiting so they'd turned to paint on themselves- their arms and hands and faces and hair.

I was tired and not feeling well and figured that since it was just watercolor paint it wasn't a big deal so instead of getting frustrated I grabbed the camera and let them have some more fun before putting all 3 girls in the tub. At least it was just you remember when Hailey used a purple marker all over that didn't come off? Yeah, that was not fun. This washed off pretty quickly though I think that Hailey still has a little bit of blue on her eyelid.

poor Aimee has a bad cold, too. 

They had so much fun being clowns they thought it would be fun to get ALL dressed up. 

Have a great day!


Amy Coose said...

I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. The girls are too cute all painted up. Can't wait to see the LO for those pics.

Danielle said...

Those pictures will make a great page! It is fun to see how much Hailey looks like Emily. Crazy Nearing genes...pretty girls though.

laterg8r said...

those are very funny pics :D

thanks for the giggle :D

Amy Heller said...

Oh, Becky.I hope you feel better soon! Love the pics of your girls! Looks like they had a ball!

Connie said...

so cute what a great idea!! yep I got the email from you also.

Sherri said...

Sorry to hear, you're still not feeling well :( On the up side, how can you not melt at those cute pix of the girls all painted up?! How cute!