Thursday, October 7, 2010

sharing a Jillibean page

Y'all know how I love my Jillibean and I feel like I haven't shared enough with you lately.

I've been swamped, to tell you the truth, but I am sure we all feel that way sometimes.

I have kids to shuttle around to/from school, to and from soccer and gymnastics and doctor appointments and whatever else might be going on. Throw in lots of laundry and dishes and a puppy and everything else and I find myself without enough time to do everything.

We've gone to an every-other-month schedule for the design team at Jillibean Soup since our team is so large so I don't have as many projects to share all of the time, but have one up on the blog today that I thought I'd go ahead and share with you.

This picture of Hailey is from this summer while we were in Colorado visiting my sister. Yes, it was summer but it was a cold and rainy day and I'm glad I was able to snap this happy picture of her.

Here's the journaling- the sprout is from the Monster Stew collection- you know how I like to mix things up!

And the full page where you can see how I mixed some Soup Staples, Summer Squash, Egg Drop Soup, Chicken Noodle and Monster Stew papers along with some of the new corrugated arrows. 

and a shot of the layering in the title with those fun green corrugated alphas. Jillibean Soup definitely started a trend with those. I love that they come in the kraft, green, white, blue and red now. 

Have a wonderful day!

Come back tomorrow for an SRM Stickers Halloween blog hop!


Jocelyn said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this one!!! What great colors and elements!!!

That pic is sooooo adorable!!

Wishing you a great one!!

Heather Innusa said...

I absolutely adore this!! Such bright fun colors!!

Jamie Harder said...

This is SO sweet! I just LOVE that arrow:-)

Mara... said...

Very pretty Becky!!!