Monday, November 1, 2010

how about a new page and lots of pictures

Good morning!

Happy first day of November. I thought I'd start the month out right with a blog post since I haven't been very good at them lately.

Did you and your kids survive the Halloween sugar-rush? 

We couldn't keep little Aimee away from her candy for more than a few seconds!! 

We took a quick trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday night since Hailey hadn't been yet, spent Saturday at soccer games and doing other busy things, Sunday we spent at church, then having lunch with Matt's parents and  then we spent an hour or so scooping out pumpkin guts and carving the pumpkins. The kids ate MORE candy as I guess can be expected at this time the year. They are going to crash from all of the sugar they've taken in. 

**I'll post some Halloween pics soon**

Soccer is almost over so I figured I'd better document the season before I forget. Hailey decided that she really wanted to play this year so we got her signed up with Upward Soccer in our little town and at the last minute Sarah decided she wanted to as well. Both girls are brand new to the sport but they have tried hard, gotten a few bumps and bruises to their egos and other places- Sarah still doesn't understand why the kids won't just let her kick the ball, she doesn't like having to work to get it away from them. And, when Sarah gets bumped she takes it personally- I don't know if there will be any more soccer in our future but the girls have had some fun, made some new friends and are sticking out the rest of the season just as we'd hoped. And, they look darn cute in their uniforms. 

Here's a page I made last week (the only one, mind you) using a mix of Jillibean Soup. 

And here are some other recent pictures of some of our goings-on. 

First, a few other soccer pictures:

Hailey (team Turkey)

notice how Aimee is the only one smiling for the camera? 

Oh, and Sarah and Hailey were on different teams, I was just hoping for a picture of them all together. Sarah was having a rough day, she wasn't much in the mood for pictures. 

Cute Sarah in her uniform (team Spain)

A fun shot of Hailey running in to play. 

Here's cute Aimee dressed up in her Jessie (Toy Story) costume. I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween this year and she knew right away! We even found her some cute boots that she now wears everywhere. 

The girls all dressed up to go to the trunk or treat last week. Sarah- Hello Kitty (though she didn't like the white face paint so we went without), Aimee- Jessie from Toy Story, Hailey- Buzz Lightyear- yes, quite a switch from the princesses they usually choose! They all looked so cute. Hailey fell in love with this costume at a friends' house and they were nice enough to let her borrow it for Halloween.

We went with Sarah's preschool class to the petting zoo at the county fair last month- we stayed and had Church on the Rocks corndogs, funnel cake and fresh lemonade. YUM!! Matt and Aimee are in the background. If you knew how much Sarah loved sheep you'd understand how COOL this was for her to be right in with all of these sheep. 

Aimee turned three years old- so hard to believe! 

We had some really cold days here last month so Bella got to try out her new sweater. Pretty cute, don't you think? The girls want to get her a pink one with purple polka dots now.

For our family home evening treat last Monday we made caramel apples. Messy but so fun!

Have a great day!


Ginger said...

That layout is super cute Becky! Love the bright colored paint/misting!

And yea for photos too! So fun to see so many of what you have all been up to! :)

Casey Wright said...

Adorable LO! It's just so cheerful!

And your pictures are just so sweet!

leah said...

Wow - you've been busy, too, Becky!! ^_^

Sherri said...

what a treat to be let into your life with all those pix. thanks for sharing Becky! Hope you're feeling more like yourself these days :)

Kathy Martin said...

So many great must be good! And a fabulous page to boot! My son dressed as Woody. ;)

Deanna said...

Hey I have Upward pics too! Imagine that! Love how you scrapped them! ;)

TLHarwick said...

Great pictures! I wish my girls' soccer uniforms had been such great colors! Ours were neon yellow! ugh!

Tanya Tahir said...

Such beautiful photos, Becky and I love your Jillibean layout too! :))) Your girls are so pretty :)

KateB said...

love the layouts and all the fun way my kids don't overload on candy is 2 things: Dad took a loaded pumpkin to work for the co-workers to get their fix, AND, I throw a few pieces away here and there so they don't notice and they think they ate it.