Monday, January 31, 2011

how about a card today?

This will be a super-quick post since my 3 year old is standing here waiting for me...she's been up for an hour already and I have been trying to get her to go back to sleep since she's sick. The poor girl has been having fevers over 102 last night and this morning, a runny nose and yucky cough and she says her throat is sore. We'll be taking a trip to the doctor for her today and I have to take my first-grader in for a chest xray since she's had a nasty cough for two weeks and it's not getting any better.

Should be a fun day, along with everything else we have going on.

It's the 100th day of school so they have lots of fun activities planned for today and Hailey really doesn't want to miss out; I will see what the school nurse says since she's been on her antibiotics for a few days now.

Anyway, here is a card that I made using the February kit from the Nook once again:

When I saw the little airplane on the sheet of Webster's paper I thought of this idea for a card. 
Pretty clever, right? Well, I thought so. 

As with my other projects with this kit I had fun cutting and layering with this card. 
That is my favorite part about using papers like these. It's so different from what I normally 
use but it's nice to break out of my comfort zone once in a while. 

Have a wonderful day!


Chantal said...

Lovely card! Love all those layers. That party stuff below on your blog looks fab!!! :D

Marinette said...

Wow! Amazing! Elle est vraiment magnifique ta carte! Bravo

Anonymous said...

That card is amazing girl - love the airplane!!

Sending get well vibes your way! <3

Christiane said...

love it when you're going out of your comfort zone!! :))))
all my best for your little cutie!!

Monique said...

What an awesome card!! So very beautiful!!! You can do it all.... create beautiful layouts AND cards!!!