Sunday, January 2, 2011

some great deals from My Scrapbook Nook

In the most recent newsletter from My Scrapbook Nook we learned about some incredible deals going on RIGHT NOW. If you'd like to keep up with the goings-on at the Nook you can sign up for the newsletter by clicking here:

Just in case you haven't read the newsletter yet I'll share the great deals with you and you can read the newsletter here:

First of all, all kit club members get 40% off of add-ons (check the add-on section, this works for current and past kit add-ons) from now through January 7th. As is detailed in the newsletter, these add-ons will ship for free though international members might have to pay a slight fee depending on what you order. Use the coupon code 40% to get the discount. Happy shopping!


Join our scrapbooking kit club for 1 year and receive a free kit to start and after a year (12 paid months) you will receive your 13 kit for free too.

We specialize in shipping all around the world, and have different rates for California, Canada, International, and shipping within the States. We have a large message board, gallery and 14 talented designers who inspire our kit club members each month.  We foucus on having kit club designers from around the world.  Currently we have designers from Sweden, California, Singapore,  Philippines, Canada, Connecticut, Australia, Colorado and many other places in the United States.

*Please note to receive the 20.11 new members must have 12 kits paid for.

1. New members between Jan. 1st - Jan. 7th take 40% off your add-ons or any other order placed. Use coupon code 40%.

2. In addition to starting off the New Year as a new member we will give you a store credit at the end of your membership for $20.11 to be use in our shop. Valid only between Jan. 1st-Jan. 7th.

AND, if you are a member of the kit club and refer someone else who joins the club for a year you will receive a $20.11 shop credit. Simply email the name of the person who joined the club because of you to and receive your credit. This deal is good through January 7th as well. 

Just one more note about the club: Starting in Jan 2011 (with the Feb kit), there will be a slight increase in kit pricing. Kits will now be $29.50. We have not had a price increase since we revamped our kit club several years ago. To keep the kits packed with special goodies and a great retail value we will be raising the price a dollar fifty.

Over the past year, operating costs have increased dramatically with recent changes in the economy. In order to keep your kits as loaded with goodies as possible so they are of the most use to you, we are making this small change.

As usual, our kits will have a minimum of a $32 retail value. As many of our long-time members know, it is not infrequent that we have kits valued upwards of $35. We do our best to keep them as packed with the latest and greatest at the best value. 

We hope our customers will understand and we appreciate your loyal business tremendously! You guys are what make this kit club great, and we thank you! Just a reminder we love to look at all the creations from our kit club members.  We have a special gallery for kits.  If you haven't posted yet one of your layouts please do!

Have a wonderful day!

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