Friday, March 25, 2011

happy birthday to my sweet husband

Today my husband turns the big 3-6. He told me a little while back that he really wasn't excited about this birthday because it means he is only 4 years away from being 40. It's hard to believe we're both that close. When we were younger, of course, 40 seemed SO old. Now we're almost there.


I hope he has a good day, though. He is such a hard worker, a great husband and father and willing to do anything for anyone in need. He really is one of the "good ones" and I am so blessed to have him in my life.

He has stuck it out through almost 10 years of marriage, almost 4 kids (just had an ultrasound yesterday and all is well except that the baby is breech) and many ups and downs and been through some difficult things with an amazing attitude. He really is the rock in our family.

In Forks, Washington last summer. 

Christmas morning right before opening presents.

At the local corn maze/pumpkin patch.

With the tutus I made the girls last summer. 

Happy birthday to you!

p.s. In case you didn't see it on the Jillibean blog- Jill will make the announcement for the new team next Friday, so she'll be contacting new design team members during the next week. I have my fingers crossed and wish good luck to the rest of you who applied as well.


Julie Bonner said...

Happy b-day to your hubby!!! Glad to see the baby is doing well - Nicholas was breech for a while too during the last few months but he turned :) Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!!!

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! You definitely have one of the "good ones!" I hope y'all have fun celebrating!

Laura Achilles said...

oy vey! maybe you and Julie and myself can all commiserate together! lol

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to him, my loves birthdays x x

Jamie Cotter said...

Love the pics! I hope y'all had a fun day!