Friday, April 29, 2011

a quick update on Lily

I have been trying to arrive at the NICU before they change Lily and get her ready for her feedings so that I can hold her while she eats- it makes the biggest difference in my day just to be able to see and hold her.

It sounds like Lily had a busy night last night- her nurse Stuart said that she pulled out her feeding tube a few times, made lots of messy diapers, her IV fell out and she gained .5 ounces. I went in this morning a little bit before 6 and there were a couple of nurses trying to get her new IV started and her veins are so tiny and fragile that they weren't able to get it going again. After a call to her NICU doctor they were given permission to go without the IV fluids as long as Lily can keep her food down, which she has been doing well. They've increased her tube feedings to 40cc's and she was keeping it down while I was there this morning. She is a sweetheart; I hope that she gets to go home soon. So far she is breathing on her own and is doing better to hold her body temperature where it needs to be so the main thing now is feeding. I am anxious to be able to nurse her and take her home!

In other news, in honor of the Royal Wedding today Hailey got to wear one of her princess dresses to school; I think it will be fun for us to have our own Princess Party after I get home, have a tea party, wear fun hats and tiaras and let the girls watch a real prince and princess get married.

Matt is coming up to the hospital later and will hopefully bring the camera back so that I can take some new pictures of Lily for you.

I may get to go home today but am waiting to hear from my doctor. I have mixed emotions after being here for so long- I want to be with the rest of the family but don't like the idea of leaving Lily here.


Aimee K said...

Congrats on your 4th baby girl!! So happy to hear that she is doing well! Saying some prayers that you and she will be back home soon with the rest of your crew so you all can really enjoy her!

Hugs to you all!!

Jocelyn said...

SO glad to hear that she is doing well!!!!

I know you will be so glad to have the whole family back together!!!

Prayers to you and the family!!

KateB said...

congrats! and while she is in the NICU, follow your gut..the other kids will be just fine with Matt. My son was in the NICU for 8 months and dad did a great job holding down the fort and my daughter never truly realized the things I missed while I stayed with the baby. We moms find a way of fixing it all when we get home.