Tuesday, June 28, 2011

out and about

I have been trying to get more exercise, something that's hard to do with four kids at home and so many things going on. At least that's the excuse I like to use.

I'm too tired. I'm too busy. My shins hurt if I run.

Well, today I went for a couple of walks and it felt great. The first one was short-lived, just down the block and back since Lily was ready for a nap and was screaming her little heart out. Later I took Bella (our basset hound) for a walk and got to go quite a bit further and it felt so good. We even got a taste of a bit of wildlife- a few jackrabbits and then we stumbled upon this as we crossed  field (this isn't my picture, just a picture from online of the same thing we saw in the field):

It's a Texas horned lizard and it caught me by surprise, so much that we went back to take another look. Bella wasn't too impressed, she didn't seem to care, at least not as much as she cared about the jackrabbits she tried to run down. ☺ The lizard we saw was more brown so it was well camouflaged in the dirt and brush in the field. The kids were a little jealous that they didn't get to see it, too. 

p.s. I just read that this lizard is the Texas state reptile. Pretty cool. 

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