Thursday, June 30, 2011

a peek at what I've been up to

Besides running the kids to and from swimming lessons and gymnastics and doing the other everyday things that have to be done I've been doing a little work around the house.

We'd been wanting to paint the kids' bathroom and had a cute polka dotted shower curtain that we wanted to use and were trying to find the perfect shade to go with it. I found a nice blue and decided that now was as good a time as any since we  have family coming into town. Here's a look at what it looks like now.

We have a Jack and Jill bathroom so there's a vanity area on each side with a sink/mirror and then a room in the middle with the toilet and shower. We liked this set-up and know it will be nice to have when the girls get older and start fighting over mirror space. This is Hailey's side and the other side is yellow with a duck trim. I tried to talk Aimee and Sarah into letting me take the ducks down but they're not quite ready to give them up. The butterflies on the wall are from Target (I got the last two packs from our store!) and the stool is from Hobby Lobby. The picture on the wall below is also from Hobby Lobby and the other things are from Target. I love the look of Pottery Barn but don't have the budget to do things up quite that fancy. 

There's some empty wall space in this vanity area so we're going to add some shelves up high for towel storage, toiletries, etc. and I have a wooden board with hooks on it that I've painted and am going to hang below the shelves for the girls to hang their towels to dry. I'll have to take a picture of that later. I'm just waiting for Matt to have some time off of work so that we can finish up that job.

This is the blue we picked- a nice light aqua called "Frosty" from Lowe's. It goes perfectly with the blue on the shower curtain. We had the pink toilet cover before and got the cute green rug to match. You can see a small glimpse into the vanity area and into Sarah and Aimee's room. 

Now that the bathroom is mostly done I am working on another project- this is in Hailey's bedroom. I've since added the flowers all the way across, filled in the empty stripe where the border used to be (I painted it pink to match the pink on the wall) and have the space taped off to do some chalkboard paint on Hailey's closet door. I'll take some more pics and post them soon. I think it's going to be pretty cute when it's done. 

Where the tiny bit of blue is on the wall there was a floral border. Hailey pulled it down not too long after I put it up a few years ago and we never have been able to find it. The dresser is just a hand-me-down and we repainted it white. The drawers used to be pink and green to match the wall but I gave them a fresh coat using the blue from the bathroom and touched up the paint on the drawer pulls. 

Check back for pictures of the room finished- I'm heading upstairs to do the chalkboard paint- we were going to paint a tree on the wall using that paint but the walls are so textured that I didn't want to sand it down and paint only to have us cover it up later and then have a spot that was flat instead of textured. I'm going to paint on her closet door instead. I'm also adding some butterflies and a rainbow and things at Hailey's request. I'm not much of an artist so we'll see how it turns out!

p.s. yes, that's my little helper Lily on the floor. She hasn't been napping very well lately. 


Janelle said...

It is looking really good! I love the chalkboard paint on the door idea, I may have to do that in the kids room!

Sherri said...

wow, great job Becky. You amaze me with all you manage to accomplish in a day. And Lily...I thought she was a doll lying on the floor, lol.

Virginia said...

It looks so super cute & happy! I bet the girls love it! And I love your little helper... I've done that many a time over the years when I've been working on a project! :) So sweet!

Cluff Chronicles said...

It all looks so good! It is always fun to have new rooms!

Danielle said...

It is all so fancy! My girls are going to want something better when we get home. I always struggle with making the bathrooms cute like you did. Maybe being at your house will give me some inspiration.

I'm just a simple gal said...

OMG, Look at that tiny little angel!!! I love that picture!