Tuesday, July 12, 2011

bluebird chic giveaway

I love that more and more people are getting back into making things the good ol' fashioned way.

I love that Etsy shops are such a big hit in our society of quick fixes, microwaved meals and quick and easy anything we can get our hands on.

I LOVE that my friend, Leah Farquharson, has set up a shop of her own to sell her handmade goods.

I met Leah a few years ago while we were both part of a design team of an old scrapbook kit club. She amazed me back then and continues to amaze and inspire me today. I know that it was advice and encouragement that I received from her that helped me to get where I am today in the scrapping world. You might already be familiar with her scrappy work as well and now she's started up a new Etsy shop called Bluebird Chic.

 If you know anything about Leah you know that her work is top-notch- whether it be her scrapbooking, her digital designs, her cooking (it makes me so hungry to read about things on her blog!) or crafty things made from scratch (she sent me a set of crocheted pumpkins last fall after I told her I loved ones she made and showed on her blog). She takes pride in the work she creates and does so beautifully.

I am so excited for her and this new adventure and just know that you will ♥love♥ her stuff.

Everything is hand-sewn, high quality work. She is someone I can definitely believe in and whose work I can stand behind with no reservations. This Dupioni silk rosette ring comes in a variety of colors and more items will be added to the store in the future. Just take a look here.  Pretty cute, aren't they? 

The rings are adjustable so they're perfect for you or your little girls who will surely love one, too. I know that I will have to hide mine if I am going to get to wear it at all. My girls just LOVE this kind of thing.

As a way to spread the word about Bluebird Chic Leah has asked some of her friends to do a little giveaway on our blogs. Isn't that so fun?!  YOU can win one of these cute rings in the color of your choice. I chose the black one but think they're all adorable.

So how can you win one of these little rings? Simply go check out her store and if you like what you see, go "like" her Facebook fan page so that you can keep up on all of the new goings on at Bluebird Chic. Check out her store and tell me which color is your favorite. I will keep this drawing open until Friday night and then on Saturday I'll choose a lucky winner who will get the ring of their choice as a thank you for helping to spread the word about Leah's new store.

You can also keep up with her on her new Bluebird Chic blog.

Thanks so much!

Check back on Saturday to see if you are the lucky winner.


Amanda Johnson said...

Gorgeous! I would have to say my favorite it the peacock..but they are all really beautiful! I really love the coral and the pewter too! Good luck with your new venture Leah! Wish you all the best!

Katey said...

so cute and girlie!

cornellgj said...

I LOVE the peacock ring...such a rich color!

Melissa said...

I love the coral blush ring! Thanks for the chance!

Tanya Tahir said...

these are gorgeous, wow! Must check this out!

Keshet said...

Love the honeydew!! Liking her on facebook:)

leah said...

You are too sweet, Becky!! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!! ^_^