Sunday, August 28, 2011

4 months old already

It's hard to believe that four months have passed since this sweet little girl was born yet it seems ages ago that I was cooped up in my hospital bed waiting and just praying I could keep her inside of me even one more day. It was a rollercoaster of emotions back then and I get emotional even now as I think about it. Now that time is just a tiny speck but it was such a huge thing at the time.

This is our precious Lily Grace when she was just days old in the newborn ICU.

It was so hard to have to leave her at the hospital each day and it took my all to trust her to the care of others but I also knew that I had 3 other girls at home who needed me and a husband who was exhausted physically and emotionally from having to play the role of both parents for too long while I was in the hospital on bedrest.

She is now healthy and growing, adored by her sisters and by my husband and me. 

She is the sweetest little thing; I just love to hear her coo and make other cute little sounds. 

Her smile makes my day, seriously. 

One day Sarah, our 5 year old said, "A baby is the most precious thing," and she is absolutely right. 

I love these sweet pictures of Lily and Sarah together. 

Created using a mix of cute Bella Blvd. collections. 

Have a wonderful day!


Nicole Nowosad said...

she is so cute as is the rest of your family!lovely page Becky!

leah said...

Totally cute, Becky!!

joeygirl86 said...

Omg that is so sweet! So glad to hear she is a healthy little angel! :)

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous ♥ It's a blessing having a healthy happy kid after a tough start at the hospital..I know ♥♥