Friday, August 12, 2011

so thankful for rain.

I know that some of you live in places where you've been getting drenched, where you've seen more rain than you'd like. Some have seen flooding, even.

I, however, live in west Texas where we've been in the worst drought in many, many years and last night we FINALLY got some rain. It has been SO hot and SO dry here for SO, SO long.

I didn't even mind that the girls were all riled up because of the loud thunder because it meant we were getting some much-needed moisture. So many farmers haven't planted cotton here this year because there's no water.

(an older layout of Sarah- mixes Sassafras and Chatterbox and American Crafts with Cosmo Cricket Early Bird- I miss Cosmo's older stuff- this was one of my faves from them)

We have been praying for rain, my 5 year old even said at dinner last night,
"I wish it would rain. We should pray more for rain."

I agreed.

I told her that we could say another prayer (we were at the dinner table and had just said a prayer over our food) and she could ask for rain. She said that maybe we should ask for rain 16 times and then maybe it would rain. This is coming from the girl who likes to use 160,000 all the time. Like, "do I have to sit here in time-out for like 160,000 hours? Yeah, she's funny that way.

So, she proceeded to ask over and over for rain in her prayer.

Looks like it worked because last night we got some rain. For more than 5 minutes like the last "rainstorm."

the simple faith of a child.

What a blessing prayer is.


Laurence said...

Such a nice story. We've had a lot of rain where I live and it's a blessing because at this time of the year we are usually not allowed to water the plants, wash the cars and fill the swimming pools.

Marinette said...

Tout simplement parfaite et les photos sont superbes!

Janelle said...

So glad the rain has come your way...finally! We have had rain the last two days, it has been truly amazing! Hope you get more coming your way!

P.S. thanks for your nice comment on our blog...made me smile. :)

Miranda said...

Beautiful layout!
And if you send some sun to this part of the world, I will send some rain... ;)

Deanna said...

Precious! So incredibly sweet!

Sherri said...

I have no doubt that our Father in Heaven loves to hear the prayers of our children. So thankful her prayers were immediately answered, it will no doubt build her faith :)

Monique said...

What a gorgeous page and what a great mix of papers! Love the photos too!!

Andrea Amu said...

So glad your prayers for rain have been answered! I do hope you get more too!

What a cute page, Becky! I love the cloud with the alphabet lines!

Tanya Tahir said...

what a blessing, Becky! I hope you get more rain. Here in Australia there are some parts of the country that had no rain for a very long time. That has changed this winter - we have had quite a bit of rain. Still not enough, but much better than last year where we had our dryest winter in history.

Pam said...

So happy you got rain! I heard that in some parts of TX, it has been over 40 days (until yesterday) that the heat index/temps have been triple digits. yikes.

Your layout is totally cute too, I miss the old days of CC too;)

Rach H said...

Beautiful layout and beautiful faith of a child!