Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a fun little Jillibean Soup project for today

In case you hadn't heard, I have been up to my elbows in apples lately.

We picked two huge buckets full at a local orchard and then the task went to me to do something with them.

I made two batches of apple butter and a batch of applesauce and boy was it yummy!

All of the time spent peeling teeny, tiny apples that the girls picked was well worth it.

I thought it would be fun to decorate some of the jars and the new Apple Cheddar Soup collection from Jillibean Soup was perfect for this!

Just take a look:

I just love the warm, rich colors of fall- this collection is fun because it also has a pop of blue that I really like. 

Today I am working on canning tomatoes. 

It's going to be another fun day!


Danielle said...

So cute Becky!

LisaDay said...

So cute Becky!! And apple butter sounds yummy! I'm gonna have to try making some this season!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

EVERYTHING you make is so cute Becky. Truly.

Love your new blog background!

scrappergrl said...

These are the sweetest jar toppers EVER!! Probably sweeter than the contents even!

LG said...

this is brilliant!