Saturday, December 17, 2011

mixing it up again

Good morning!

I know it's a little early, I am not even sure why my body thinks that 3:30 is an acceptable time for me to wake up but it seems like the last couple of weeks at least it's been that way. I really need to figure out what the deal is. I am usually awake long before baby Lily starts to make a peep.

So, since I'm up and I hadn't yet scheduled a blog post for today here I am.

While I should be addressing Christmas cards so that they can get in the mail before Valentine's Day (that's what happened last year) instead I have been checking friends' blogs, reading this and that other interesting/fun thing but not doing anything particularly productive. I need to get a package ready to send but I haven't done that, either. It's not that I am bah humbug this year but there is definitely something different and I am not so cheery- wanting to get the halls decked as soon as Thanksgiving was over this year like I normally am. I have been a bit too cranky. We still don't have all of our decorations out, there's nothing out on the lawn like we usually have because Matt's been working and recovering and we've been dealing with sick kids and running here and there and everything else. We're just behind this year.

Most of the scrapping that I've done lately has been for an assignment but the other day, at some insane hour of the morning since I was up anyway, I scrapped a page using some new things in my stash- a bit of Crate Paper Peppermint, some October Afternoon Farmhouse, some American Crafts Thickers. It was fun to play a bit and mix things up the way I like to do.

The pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we actually had a little bit of snow- it wasn't much but playing in it after the kids got out of school was a necessity because it's not often that they actually GET to play in snow. Homework waited that day and we got out and played, did snow angels, had a snowball fight- the kids thought it was hilarious to throw the snowballs in a way that I'd get hit right in the face or so it would run down my shirt since my coat wasn't zipped up enough, apparently. It was nice to be playing with them instead of feeling like a drill sergeant trying to get them to do homework or chores or to stop fighting or banging on this or that.

Anyway, here is the page with pictures of Hailey making snow angels and having a wonderful time.

I used some Twinery twine on the flowers (Fiskars punch) and a mix of embellishments from OA, AC and Crate.Funny thing, if you are much into scrapping you totally know what those initials are and we commonly get into our scrappy lingo where other people have no idea what we're talking about! Ever since I saw those cute gray American Crafts alphas I'd been coveting them and finally got some. 

Good grief, I get overly chatty at 4 in the morning. 

My 4 year old shared a new word with me yesterday- spectabulous. 

So, whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope that it is spectabulous!


Diana Waite said...

this year is a little different for me to, hope that you get a little cheer... :) GREAT page--Pinning it! :)

Sarah said...

oh my, LOVE this layout!! I am gonna be a xmas wrapping machine this weekend :) I, too, have some DT work to do as well.... Happy Holidays!!

Daniela Dobson said...

Fun, fun, fun layout!! I just love all your adorable photos.

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous ♥

Kathy Martin said...

Terrific page! :)

Cluff Chronicles said...

I love that page! I hope you are doing OK. I know how hectic it can get, it seems like less and less cheer in our house and more and more rush each year. This year I am not stressing about all of the stuff and keeping it simple and enjoyable.

Wendy said...

this is so beautiful i have not enough words! really gorgeous i love it!

I'm just a simple gal said...

That is one great layout... so fun, I can just feel the fun...