Friday, February 10, 2012

baby Lily and some more Jillibean Soup

Lily is our sweet 9 month old, the mildest baby of our 4, I think.

She was born 6 weeks early and because of this she's a little bit behind with her gross motor skills; she's almost mastered sitting up on her own and will surely catch up with other things quickly. I am not worried, in fact, since she is our last baby I am okay with her taking her time to do things. I am enjoying this baby stage and am not in any hurry for her to be crawling or walking. I figure that she'll learn those things in her own time and for now I just get to hold her more. The time will come when she will want to be running around instead of sitting snuggled on my lap.

Here she is with some more Jillibean Soup Hearty Barley:

I made this for Jillibean's booth at the big trade show using the Hearty Barley collection, some of the new light pink and gray twine and alphas and one of those cute little heart sugar picks. 

I am making some quick cinnamon rolls for the kids to eat for breakfast before they head off to school, I need to get some more apples in the crockpot for applesauce or apple butter and today I am scrapping!! I may need to get some laundry done but that's at the bottom of my list today. Oh, and I get to go do some Valentine's Day shopping for the kids for their V-day parties next week. Should be a fun jaunt to Target! It always is, right? 

Have a great day!


Christina Collins said...

Gorgeous layout, and gorgeous little girl. :)
My daughter is almost 16 months old and she just now started walking. It's odd because she started so early with sitting up! Nonetheless - kiddos grow up so fast (I'm sure you already know that). Enjoy that little pumpkin while she is not moving much! Hehe. :)

Ginger said...

Beautiful layout Becky! Love that sugar pick! Have fun at Target! That place always gets me in trouble!

Pam said...

Ha, I will be visiting Target for some Valentine's goodies too!

Love love that layout, I love the Hearty Barley line and your Lily is so adorable!!

Alex said...

Your Lily is adorable! What a beautiful picture! And so is your layout Becky. Love it!

danni reid said...

good grief this is just too amazing, those hearts and that amazing pic, wow my friend!

HeatherLynn said...

amazing layout, photo, and color scheme!! just LOVE it!! hl