Monday, February 27, 2012

poor lonely blog

I's been a while.

I haven't been scrapping as much lately because life, taking care of kids and their needs/activities has caused me to have to put scrapping on the back burner a bit. I have gotten assignments done, which I'll be able to share here as soon as they go up on the company blogs and I got a few things done for fun this weekend, so I'll have something for this week.

My kids have been sick off and on during the last week; one with a stomach bug and now the other ones have a cough and my oldest has been running high fevers and has lots of chest congestion. I took her to see the doctor yesterday and for now, unless her symptoms get worse, we just have to wait it out. I worry because she isn't eating much and doesn't sound good...I think that sometimes doctors don't give moms enough credit. We know our kids well enough to know when they really aren't feeling well even if the lab tests/exam doesn't show anything remarkable enough for them to treat the problem. So, my oldest might be home today because I can tell she just doesn't feel well at all. We have the humidifier going, checking her temp now and then and trying to keep fluids going and whatever we can get her to eat. Poor girl is thin enough already because of her build and she's just not eating.

Anyway, I wanted you to know that I'm not ignoring you...

There's a DT call going on at My Little Shoebox- check it out if you think it's for you. It's been a fun company to design for and the new releases are really cute.

I'll do a little giveaway later this week; I was doing some clean-up/organizing in my scrap room and I have WAY too much stuff. So, one lucky reader will get to help me clear out some of that stuff. What would you like to see in a giveaway? I'll try to fit those things in when I pack the box.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Love your work. Would love to see some banners, flags and small alphas. Hope your daughter gets well soon.

Virginia said...

Oh friend. I'm so sorry and can so relate! I feel like I should just plan for January/February of every year to be blocked off with "sickness/craziness." Hope your little one gets back on her feet soon. And so do you! :)

Ashly said...

The best doc we ever had told me once that he always listens to mothers intuitions because they are usually right. LOVED HIM!! he really helped diagnose a serious problem my son has. Some docs seem to just wave us moms off. :( Hope everyone is on the mend soon!!

Brianna Marshall said...

hope everyone feels better soon,with so many little ones being sick at once,i can see how blogs go to the back burner,its the story of my life :)