Thursday, August 30, 2012

4 in the morning is way too early

Yes, I was up around 4 again this morning and it's a trend I hope doesn't continue.

I remember doing this when I was pregnant and know that I am for sure not that right now.

At least today no one is awake throwing up- that was my morning yesterday- sitting close by while my 8 year old was up sick at 4 in the morning. It made for a long day and not a lot accomplished because I was dragging from being so tired.

I really need to share something creative so I will share some sneaks of projects that I will share here soon but first here are a few pictures of the kids from this summer:

Aimee with some hydrangeas in Portland

Hailey at Multnomah Falls

the girls minus Lily at the zoo in Portland

hanging out with cousins at a park in Aberdeen, WA

Lily trying on hats at her cousins' house in Aurora, CO just days before the shooting at a movie theater there. 

cutie girl Lily 

Sarah answering the call of the wild at the zoo in Portland- of course it would be Sarah.
Silly little girl. She makes me laugh so much.

Sarah and a couple of her teammates at their practice meet last weekend

Sarah and Lily on our trip

And now, a few sneaks of some DT projects for Bella Blvd and American Crafts: 

Have a nice day!

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Mendi said...

Can't wait to see the full reveals on your projects!

You were so close to my neck of the woods this summer! We live less than 30 minutes from Multnomah Falls! We keep hoping they will someday add a bridge over the Columbia river on that side so we could be mere minutes away from that side of town. :)