Wednesday, September 5, 2012

our blondie girl

It's funny that sometimes we'll get comments about little Lily's hair. The other 3 girls have noticeably darker hair so it surprises people that Lily is so blonde. I had lighter hair when I was a little kid so maybe she gets it from me?

I think it's so cute!

Here she is on this layout with a mix of American Crafts:

It's a good thing that she's so cute since she woke me up at about a quarter after 4 this morning and is still awake. I hope I can go back to sleep. 


korvssonsscrap said...

Such a great layout! And she is very cute in that blonde hair of hers. I think it's fascinating to see that siblings can be very alike and yet not evrything being the same as for instance hair color.

Virginia said...

Ariana is our blondie girl too, and we get lots of comments on her. I love it! Our little Barbie dolls. ;)

Juliana said...

Oh my! What a cutie!!! This layout is so adorable Becky!

Johanna said...

Such a wonderful page!!! So cute!