Monday, November 26, 2012

happy Cyber Monday!

Did you go crazy with the Black Friday sales?

Are you going to go crazy today with sales, too?

I did a bit of shopping but we've been so good this year knowing what we want to get for the kids that we haven't gone out of control buying things just to buy more "stuff". We got something bigger that we know they'll love and are limiting the extra fluff that will just end up on the floor. The kids will get plenty, they will in no way feel deprived, but I think that sometimes we go a little overboard, you know?

That said, I would love to have a little Cyber Monday deal. 

I have lots and lots of scrappy stuff that has piled up over the years, paper and stickers and stamps and ribbon and buttons, etc. and I would love to fill up some Priority Mail boxes and send them on their way. I was doing some sorting last night and have a box full of embellishments already and haven't even started going through the paper.

Would you be interested in buying one?

The boxes will be full of great stuff, just stuff I am not using anymore because I am doing design work and don't get to use a lot of my stash. Most of it will be new, some may have a sticker missing here or there. Some may be older collections, other more recent. It would for sure be a really good deal.

You would pay $35 and that includes shipping in the U.S. only. 

You would pay by Paypal and get a box full of all kinds of great things.

If you would be interested please leave a message with your email address and maybe even a few things you would like to see included in your box- if you like twine, for example, of if you like a certain color or manufacturer or if you scrap boys vs. girls, etc, or if you love  stamps. Golly, I have a lot of stamps that have never been used. Of if you like metal die cuts.

I will post here when I don't have any more boxes to send.

So, Happy Cyber Monday.

I'd love to ship a package to you!

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Ivette Echanique said...

Becky, I would be interested in buying one. I have one boy, well he is 13 so not really a boy anymore and two girls. I like to stamp and use metal die cuts. One of my favorite manufactures is American Craft, but in general I like anything for Scrapbooking and Cardmaking.