Friday, December 7, 2012

another card for you

Here is another card for you that I created for Lily Bee:

sentiment and snowflakes cut on my Cameo- one of my best purchases ever!

I apologize for not being overly chatty this week.

My heart and thoughts are toward my friend who passed away; her funeral is this morning and I am feeling a little bit sad.

I am, however, grateful to know that she is no longer in pain, that she is in Heaven where she can rest and be with loved ones who have passed on before. While i don't often talk of religious things, today I am grateful for the peace the gospel of Jesus Christ brings and know that there is a bigger plan than just this life.

We had been praying for her over the last year, praying the doctors could know how to best help her and treat her cancer that had already begun to spread when she was finally diagnosed. She fought bravely and with a smile on her face and was an inspiration to the end. What a wonderful, sweet woman and friend. 

RIP, Andi Powers. We will miss you.

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