Monday, March 4, 2013

it's Monday again

Good morning!

This will just be a quick post today since we are in the middle of getting kids ready to go to school. I am looking forward to Spring Break next week when I can just stay home in my jammies if I want to ☺

My first grader has a project due today that she's known about for a week and just remembered this morning that it had to be done and turned in today. So we're in crisis mode, ha ha, and apparently it's my fault that it's not done. I am printing pictures for it as I type and hopefully she can get it together before it's time to leave for school.

And thus starts our day...

I have another layout to share with you today, a simple one created using the new Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm collection from American Crafts.

This little girl has her first softball practice today. I hope that it goes well. She liked and did well with soccer but had to quit because it was impossible for us to make it to her games and also her big sister's gymnastics meets which were on the same day. I wish we could still do both. Aimee used to do dance and gymnastics and decided that those classes weren't for her- I don't think it was because she didn't like it, just didn't like being in a big class- so hopefully softball is more her thing. 

Have a nice day!

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