Wednesday, March 13, 2013

sharing another Bella Blvd layout

Good afternoon!

Normally I like to blog in the morning but today I got to sleep in a little! Well, I got up the normal time since my husband's alarm went off but he was nice and let me go back to sleep. Once i got up it was time to get moving on some errands to get ready for our trip so I hadn't found time to blog until now.

Today I have a layout to share with you, one that i created for Bella Blvd.

You can see the other designers' layouts on the blog here.

For my free-for-all layout this month I figured I'd better scrap these snow pictures before it gets really warm here and I have lots of water/swim/sun pictures to do.

I used these pics in black and white and accented that with many of the bright colors that we love so much about Bella Blvd.

We found a spot by our neighborhood park that had quite a bit of snow and the girls had so much fun playing in it. Even little Lily who hadn't yet touched snow gave in after a little while!

LOVE these cute new chipboard!

I used some of the brand new chevron-striped Designer Tapes as well as some of the other new tapes released at this last CHA. 

I like  how bright the colors look on the light background. 

Have a great day!



danni reid. said...

love the color, love the design, love it all becky!

Juliana said...

What a great design! I love the color mixed with the B&W!!!