Thursday, November 14, 2013

scrapbooking and other news

Long time no see!

This is by far the longest I have ever gone without blogging since I started this little blog.

Life has thrown us a bit of a curve ball and my time has been spent elsewhere.

I miss scrapping whenever I wanted, miss being able to share projects here with you and thank those who have hung in there with me.

Over the past couple of months we have been spending our time and energy on something that is HUGE for our family. You see, we have felt that we are to adopt a little girl from another country and since then we have been trying to gather all of the necessary information, filling out form after form, getting medical clearance, police clearance, have been to the notary countless times, etc. It is a long, drawn-out process and we are at times overwhelmed but are grateful for the opportunity that we have to help one child out of an orphanage and into a home with a family who will love and care for her.

This is big, right? 

I remember my head spinning as we tried to grasp the meaning of it all but we have been truly blessed and so we are going forward knowing that God's plan is bigger than the one we'd originally had for our family. I hope that I can be made equal to the task. Our girls are excited, the few people we've already shared this news with have been excited. And now, as we nervously prepare for our homestudy visit with the social worker this weekend we just pray and cross our fingers and work and wait and hope that all goes well.

So, can you see why I haven't been able to scrap much lately?

I have had close to no time and that makes me sad. I sure do miss it.

We have had to move our oldest out of her bedroom and into my "old" craftroom and it's been quite a job. I still have boxes everywhere in the new craft room. I think it will take a while before that is no longer the case. I've been cleaning and painting and cleaning some more, throwing out trash the kids have been hoarding and scrubbing boogers off the kids' walls- gross, I know, but maybe that helps you to see where I have been spending my time.

The kids have been busy with school, piano, dance, gymnastics and we've been here and out of town and sick and all over the place.

I did get to sit down for a few minutes last week and created a couple of things for Pebbles Inc.

This card was made using the card stack- pre-folded card mats that make cardmaking so quick and easy!

Yes, during the midst of all of this my youngest broke her leg. We had plans for her to start a day a week of preschool and a mom & me gymnastics class but those plans were put on hold while her leg healed. She still walks a little funny but I guess that will take some time to correct itself. 

I used the bright and cheery "From Me To You" collection for this one with some American Crafts Thickers I had in my stash. 

Speaking of my stash: 

As I have moved into a smaller craft room I have realized that I simply have TOO MUCH stuff. I have bought much over the years and have received a lot of product from various design teams that I have been a part of. With less space available I have decided that I will put together some boxes of product that I will sell here to whoever might be interested. I have paper, stamps, alpha stickers and so many embellishments and will sell a box for $50 (including shipping in the U.S.) to help clean up my room and earn money for this adoption. 

If you are interested please send me an email to mattandbeckywilliams at yahoo dot com with your address and a list of preferences for company, type of embellishment, color, etc. and I will do my best to pull some things together. If you love stamps, let me know! I have so many. You will have to send me your Paypal address and I will collect payment that way and ship as soon as payment is received. 

Not only will you help me to clean up my craft room but you will help us to finance this very expensive - but so very worth the money spent- adoption. We thank you and the child we adopt thanks you. 

I will keep you posted here as to how things are going if you are interested in knowing more. 

Have a fantastic day! 



cornellgj said...

Becky - I am so excited for your family to adopt! And I certainly understand the time it takes to work through it all. I'll be praying for you as you go through the process. I love seeing your beautiful work.

Leslie Germain said...

Love your card, love your layout. Best of luck with the adoption. You will have another great thing to scrap!

Jodi said...

Becky, what an amazing journey!!! My thoughts are with you guys as you embark on this life changing adventure!

carol said...

Congratulations on the new family member!! It has long been on my heart to adopt so I'm anxiously waiting for my husband to decide the time is right. I will be praying for your family. Even though you have missed some scrapping time now you will have so many wonderful photos to scrap when your family expands!! :)

Michelle Price said...

Congrats on this adventure! It's been a while since I stopped by your blog and your kids have grown so much!

Leanne said...

wow! such an amazing adventure you are about to start! congratulations for taking these big steps and hopefully you will soon welcome another beautiful little girl into your family...x