Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy Birthday dear Hailey

It is a special day in our family, the day Hailey turns the big 1-0.

She such a miraculous blessing to us and I am so grateful for her.

She is smart, witty, a little awkward at times but so talented and responsible and kind.

I got very sick when I was pregnant with her, laid up in the hospital for a couple of weeks while they tried to figure out what was wrong with me and not knowing for sure how our baby would be affected by all of that.

She is amazingly perfect. At least for us.

Here is a look at Hailey through the years, something I like to do on all of my kids' birthdays.

We love this beautiful, creative, smart, quirky girl! 



Cynthia B. said...

Happy birthday to Hailey! Thanks for sharing these wonderful layouts of her 10 years - they're gorgeous and so is she. :)

Mendi said...

Happy Birthday Hailey! Such a fun tribute with so many pretty layouts! My little Hayley turns 9 in 1-1/2 months... ;)

antenucci said...

I love the Holiday cheer layout. I so enjoy your birthday posts for each of your girls. Happy Birthday Hailey!