Monday, October 27, 2014

so proud of our little gymnast and where I have been lately

With gymnastics meet season almost over I can soon breathe a little more.

Life has been busy with meets most weekends lately and with us being out of town for a few of those.

We have another big meet this coming weekend- Level 4 Texas North State in McKinney,TX.

All of the level 4s from our part of Texas (there is another meet, South State, that covers the other half of the state) will compete and some will qualify for the State meet next month. Sarah is really hoping to qualify for the State meet but we will see...I just hope that she can go into this weekend's meet confident and happy and do her very best. She has come so far this season and we are so proud of her. She and her teammates work so hard at every practice and have made amazing progress since the beginning of the season.

We wish Sarah and her teammates the very best this weekend!!! 

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